2018 Wedding Trends for the 2018 Bride

by | Jan 27, 2018 | Planning, Weddings

Getting married this year? If so, you’re most likely in the middle of planning for your destination wedding in Lake Como. There’s still time to infuse a few trends that are going to be big this year – trends that will certainly make your big day contemporary and in the now while still keeping true to your own taste and style!

Wedding Trend 1: Using Ultraviolet as your wedding theme color.

Your Lake Como wedding planner may already be doing away with all things green, which is what 2017 was all about. This year though, ultraviolet is the name of the game. This color of the year can be included in many details of your wedding motif. It can be a) as bold as the colors of your wedding party, or b) cleverly introduced by way of accents, such as napkins and linens or the color of the bouquets.
“Fiori di Barbara Botta”

Wedding Trend 2: Dessert Table 2.0

Dessert tables have been around for quite some time, but you and your Italian wedding planner can do things differently, the 2018 way: by introducing other dessert items that are not already used and abused (we’re looking at you, M&Ms). One example is to have a cheesecake-themed dessert table, with around six variants to choose from and ranging from whole cheesecakes to cheesecake pops.


Wedding Trend 3: The Floral Paper Rainforest

If you’re so used to seeing flowers strewn on aisles and tables, the next biggest thing this time is to have them hanging from the ceiling. Take it up a notch by using exquisite paper flowers – either laser cut in a vine style or intricately crafted by hand. Ask your wedding planning services provider for artists that can pull this off and create the lush, paper floral rainforest at your reception that will certainly leave your guests in awe.
“Fiori di Barbara Botta”

Wedding Trend 4: Copper-colored accents

Things take a turn for the soft as we say goodbye to everything rose gold and give a nice, warm welcome to this year’s favorite new metallic: copper. Discuss with your Lake Como wedding planner how you can introduce a few copper elements into your wedding to give it that 2018 vibe. One example is to use copper Moscow mule mugs to everyone for the toasting, instead of the usual wine (and fill ‘er up with some Moscow mules, of course).

Wedding Trend 5: Alternative Cuisine

Filet mignons as the main dish is over and done with: this year, it’s all about something new or something common yet with a twist. For your destination wedding in Lake Como, nothing will surprise your guests more than a cleverly crafted menu of old favorites that are dressed up in new digs. Think Japanese nori tacos, exquisite pizza toppings, guava shakes, and the like! Another thing is for sure, though – your taste-testing session will certainly be fun!

These five new wedding trends for 2018 will really do a lot to liven things up at your special day. While many people often know the drill when it comes to the standard wedding, one or more of these elements will give them that unexpected yet pleasant surprise that will surely delight them to no end.