4 Novel Games for Your Lake Como Wedding Reception

If you’re looking for new ways to make your wedding in Lake Como extra memorable, why not play some new games during the reception? A wedding in Lake Como will not be complete without some fun – especially when it involves the participation of as many guests as possible. The trick is to make the games easy and non-discriminative. Gone are the days when you ask your Italian wedding planner to round up the single ladies and have them play Trip to Jerusalem with the single best man. Today’s lineup of reception merriment is fresh and entertaining!

Game 1: Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge

Ask your Lake Como wedding planner to have some money exchanged in local coins, with a one-coin-per-guest ratio. At the party, give each guest one coin and then have them play rock, paper, scissors among themselves (giving the coin to each winner as a result) until there is only one winner left. Next, have all the winners from each table go up front and play a semi-final elimination round among themselves. The last two players will battle it out to win all the coins, which is a neat prize that they can use as extra shopping money after your wedding in Lake Como!

Game 2: Mystery Guest

Have your guests stand up and listen for any categories that apply to them, upon which they will need to sit down. For example, the first category is “a guest that is the eldest sibling in the family” – everyone who is not the eldest will have to sit down. The second category can be “a guest who’s travelled outside the country for the first time” Keep playing the game until there is only one person standing up, and that person is the mystery guest who gets to win a prize!

Game 3: I Spy (Wedding Edition)

Give each guest a copy of things they need to watch out for and take a photo of using their smartphone: the bride and groom sharing a kiss, a kid eating a dessert, three girlfriends dancing together, etc. Make sure that the guests will have to go around the Lake Como wedding venues (ex. a photo of a couple posing with the lake in the background) and the first person to complete the set of photos will win a token prize!

Game 4: Water Balloon Toss

If your guests are really game and don’t mind that they might get soaked, invite enough guests to form two teams that will stand facing each other. Have them toss water balloons to the person in front of them, with the two teams stepping further away from each other after each round. The team with the least number of soaked players will win the game.

For fun the whole night long, you can choose to play all games at the wedding reception to give as many people as possible the chance to participate in one that they like. These four games will surely make for a lot of hilarious photos, loads of belly laughs, and a ton of unforgettable memories that will make your wedding reception extra-festive.